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Premium Cheese Sauce

A silky smooth liquid cheese sauce with a tasty cheddar flavour made from natural sourced ingredients. It is convenient, versatile and easy to use in savoury meals.

A time saving replacement for grated cheese.
As a guide, use a 1 to 1 ratio with substituting for grated cheese.
Suitable for manufacture of fresh and frozen pies, e.g. mince and cheese, steak and cheese, vegetable and cheese. Cheese sauce will continue to sit on top of the filling during heating, cooling and freezing.
Suitable for use in baking, dispensing, microwaving and for use in a bain marie.

Ideal for pizza, either as a topping or a filling for stuffed crusts.
Perfect addition to fresh and frozen pies.
Ideal for prepared meals, e.g. macaroni cheese, lasagne, frittatas.
Can be used as a base for tasty cheese dips.

We also offer customised product development of other dairy based sauces for specific customer requirements. Our convenient and versatile cheese sauce offers superiority, quality, functionality and flavour. It has a distinct cheese flavour and silky smooth appearance. It is ready to use straight from the pack and suitable for many foodservice applications.
*Consumers – Right Food does not sell directly to the public.

Our products are sold only to other manufacturers and in truck-load quantities. Please look for the many high-quality branded foods and beverages made with dairy ingredients in local stores and online.

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