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Milk contains many essential nutrients for daily health, calcium for bones,  protein for growth and many other bioactive ingredients that contribute  to our wellbeing. We harness these benefits to produce a range of  premium infant and adult nutritional formulations of the highest  nutritional quality.

It’s the trusted combination of our own milk, carefully selected ingredients, manufacturing expertise and rigorous quality standards which enable us to produce high quality nutritional ingredients. Many of our customers use our tailor-made service, working closely with our R&D specialists. This creates highly customised products which specifically meet our clients requirements.

RF has the knowhow and the capabaplities to customize milk based nutritional support products for different age group, Athletes and Special Medical formulas intended for patients who are medically diagnosed for use under medical supervision.

For more detailed product information please Contact RF.

*Consumers – Right Food does not sell directly to the public.

Our products are sold only to other manufacturers and in truck-load quantities. Please look for the many high-quality branded foods and beverages made with dairy ingredients in local stores and online.

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